Automate your Sales Workflow

Save time and Focus on what is really Important.


Utilizing AI & RPA to improve sales

Scrape the Internet

Minimum 80% of prospects have enough to accurately profile

AI process Aggregated Data

Use of AI & RPA to create integration and aggregation of data for the funnel

Sort & Prioritize

Use AI and RPA data to eliminate time-wasting prospecting efforts

Personality based Outreach

Match best SDR/BDR traits to prospect traits for increased conversion rates

ChatGPT Integration

Enable faster searches and email creation with ChatGPT

Low Code Configuration

Ability to integrate to other sales tool and makes easier integration of your sales process

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How does it work?

Our tool uses Artificial Intelligence & Robotic Process Automation to find the right leads and reach out to in your contact list.

Our platform dynamically prioritizes your prospects, strategically placing the most likely candidates at the top of your list for efficient outreach.

Utilizing advanced AI profiling, our tool streamlines the sales process by smartly bypassing prospects that do not align with your target customer profile.




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